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The aim of this conference is to allow participants an opportunity to discuss the recent developments in the field of solidification science and processing and review challenges faced by the community in the 21st century. The conference provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of latest developments and cutting – edge research in the field of Clinical Microbiology and Pathology that applies in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

As one of the world’s leading education conferences, Allied Academies attracts delegates from more than 40 countries worldwide with networking and collaboration, which is promoted throughout the conference.

Microbial Pathology-2018 will feature a large number of stimulating presentations throughout the two day event, including keynote presentations, oral and poster presentations. Delegates will hear about the latest research or innovation in education in a myriad of different contexts, and will have the opportunity to actively participate in an interactive program.

Best student papers will be judged and awarded during the conference. Young researchers are invited to join the conference on a reduced conference fee.

Microbial Pathology-2018 encourages the sharing of research and innovation across the following sub-themes as well as directly related to the overall conference theme – To encompass emerging trends in Clinical Microbiology and Pathology.


Scope and Importance

Microbial Pathology-2018 is intended to urge more noteworthy collaboration to offer a forum that will connect worldwide gathering of people for the exchange of thoughts and points of view for better comprehension of beginning, advancement, clinical and interpretation science to convey potentiality for Clinical Microbiology and innovation in Clinical Pathology.

Target Audience

We invite experts in the field of Infectious diseases including Microbiologists, Virologists, Bacteriologists, Mycologists, Pathologists Doctors, Researchers, Physicians, Business Professionals, infection and quality control clinicians, exercise physicians, Students, Scientists, Medical and Pharma Companies, Medical Colleges and Hospitals and delegates from industries as well as biomedical research.

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